Karen Burstein, Attorney at Law


"I can testify to Karen's high intelligence, integrity, intellectual curiosity, kindness and capacity to find points of intersection to bring opponents together to craft useful solutions to knotty problems. She is truly an incomparable advocate."

Carol Bellamy

Former Director of the Peace Corps
Former Executive Director of UNICEF

"I've known Karen for 22 years, when I met her brother, now my husband. Since that time, I've been awed and inspired by her. I can tell you that she is honorable, dependable, motivated, and I absolutely believe that you won't find a more brilliant lawyer."

Christine Burstein

Maine State Representative
Maine State Legislature - District 96

"I have known Karen for more than forty years. Without doubt, she is among the most skilled lawyers, with whom I've ever worked or observed. Karen is a a poised and powerful problem solver and advocate."

Eric Lane

Dean and Distinguished Professor
Hofstra Law School